Trylon Partners, Inc. was formed to assist firms in their corporate development activities. While each company's needs can vary greatly, the range of services provided typically includes developing and articulating business strategies, determining the resources needed to implement such plans and leading the effort to raise capital as well as to provide liquidity to the shareholders. Previous clients include:

Current clients include:

CTA Incorporated is a leading provider of information technology for Federal and State Governments as well as organizations in the private sector. Activities include a range of engineering support, high-value software development as well as information security services.

DigitalWork Incorporated is a leader in providing of Internet-based business services targeting small office and home office (SOHO) companies. With the acquisition of I-Works, DigitalWork provides web site development and hosting for small companies.

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology has become an important component of many engineering and marketing activities. GeoComm International Corporation, a recognized GIS consulting firm, developed the GIS Data Depot to GIS data sets over the Internet. The company also operates a prominent wireless engineering web site.

KnowledgeWorkers, Inc. is the most prominent provider of outsourced recruiting services. It uses specially developed software tools which are also licensed for internal use by corporations. The company has recently expanded into providing services to agencies of the Federal Government.

Stealth engineering is increasingly important to the US Navy. Symmetron Incorporated is recognized as the leading expert. With its recently developed Stealth Destroyer mission and tactics analysis tools, based upon modern video game technology, Symmetron is expanding into other agencies and activities.

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