We take great pleasure in our collections. We don't know if it's in our genes or just an acquired habit. We are always thrilled with every new addition. Before every flea market and antique show, our juices start flowing in the expectation that we will those elusive pieces we have only seen in books or in our dreams. If you'd like to see some of our 'treasures', just look below.

LUCITE PURSES: In the 1950's, it was very fashionable for women to use purses made from hard molded plastic. Their tops (the purses, that is) were often made from clear acrylic plastic, etched with elaborate geometric or floral patterns. If you're interested in these purses, just visit the collection.

SQUIRT GUNS: Everyone had a water or squirt gun when they were growing up. Clear orange or red plastic ones were common as were the mini blacks ones you could hide in the palm of your hand and 'get' someone--even in school. But cartoon character squirt guns? Never! But that gap is now being filled in. Come visit Superman, Batman and Spiderman, too.

OUTSIDER ART: We have always had an interest in art. With trained artists in the family, our walls are adorned with their efforts as well as those of other accomplished professionals. But recently, we have added a number of pieces from untrained artists. Once referred to as 'naive' art, our interest includes both southern artists as well as others. Click here to see some of the collection.

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