This site is maintained by the Muntner family and is the location on the World Wide Web for getting up-dates on recent activities. This includes some of their collections, (snow domes, lucite purses, figural squirt guns and outsider art) as well as up-dates on family activities and information on the Trylon Partners, Inc. To start your visit, just click on any of the thumbnail pictures below. But first, the site was developed with an eye toward avoiding the unnecessary, time-consuming download of images. When you're interested in seeing one, just click on the link. So while many pages look a little primitive, they allow for rapid delivery to surfers using dial-up modems.

We are finally getting around to up-dating the site. Some parts may be new to you while others are just the same old stuff. The revisions are turning out to be more complex than expected. There may be broken links and missing photos. If so, let us know. And please be patient.

We are glad you stopped by and would appreciate hearing from you. A telephone call would be nice but, if you're in a hurry, just send an e-mail at

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